�Having my attic blown sounds messy. Is it?�

No….in fact, you will never know we were there when we are finished. Tarps are laid to protect all flooring and when we are finished, all traces of any stray blow material are vacuumed.

�How long will it take to insulate my attic?�

This varies on attic size. Plan on 2-4 hours, but once your project is measured we can give you an accurate time frame.

�How much insulation should I have in my attic?�

R49, or 18 inches of insulation is the minimum recommended amount.

�Help! I have raccoons living in my attic! Can you help?�

We provide insulation removal and installation service once your critter problem has been remediated.

�Is your company registered with the Better Business Bureau?�

Yes. You can find our company when searching the BBB.

�When I call Chapman Insulation, will I get an answering machine? Will my calls get returned?�

When you call our office, you will hear an initial greeting that will request you to press “0” to get the operator.  We ask that you do this because it helps us to eliminate the hordes of advertisers that call every day as well as automated dialers.  Simply press 0 and your call will ring through to our front desk.  You can also leave us voicemails in our mailboxes if you prefer. If you should receive our answering machine, all of our lines are busy and you will receive a call back momentarily.

�Will you be subcontracting out the work?�

There is never a middleman at Chapman Insulation and we never subcontract out work! You will work directly with no more than two staff members here at Chapman Insulation from start to finish.

�I work every weekday and I am only available for you to complete my project on Saturday. Can you schedule me on a Saturday or possibly even Sunday?�

Absolutely. We have flexible scheduling available to meet our customer’s needs.

�What forms of payment do you accept? Do you offer financing?�

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We do not offer any financing at this time.

�What if I receive a bid from another contractor that is lower than yours, but I would prefer to have you do the job. Do you
price match?�

We will be more than happy to review your estimate and take a look at your alternate estimates as well. If we can match or beat a competitor’s legitimate bid, we absolutely will.