Thanks for your help and great work!

“We have worked with Roger Chapman in the past on another location over 25 years ago and called again when we needed his expertise at our current home in Glencoe. We had a contractor change the siding on our home and install a new roof. The contractor recommended we install venting in the soffit along the roof line which we agreed for him to do. Unfortunately the contractor didn’t clear the existing insulation from above the venting and neglected to install vent tubes in between every truss space so the venting would actually work as intended. We called Roger out to inspect a condensation issue we were having on the bedroom ceilings below our attic and he instantly recognized the problem. Roger gave us a very fair estimate and we hired him. He was able to come out and install the vent tubes as well as finish off the insulation in our attic space so we are up to code. Roger & Sue – Thanks for your help and great work!”

Craig S. – Glencoe, IL