Initially, I worked with Roger

Initially, I worked with Roger about 13 years ago on the previous townhouse I owned. The livability of the 2nd floor was greatly improved after the insulation was installed. I never got a first-hand look at the attic until we had a leak in the roof 11 years later. The upstairs was always very warm in the winter and we had heating vents in the ceiling. Last year in 2019, I bought a single family home and knew I would need to insulate the attic as we discovered during the inspection that insulation was almost non-existent! The first person I thought of calling was Roger. The entire process was so easy! I had Roger come and look at the house, the next day he got me a quote and was able to come back the following week and add the insulation. Roger was very neat during the entire process and you wouldn’t even know that anyone was here doing work afterwards. The insulation has been up there less than 24 hours and it’s already feeling like a big improvement. I know I hired the right company. They’re great to work with.